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    Replacement Vax Spares. Fast Delivery. Great Prices Replacement Vax Spares. Fast Delivery. Great Prices - Approved Dealer

    Replacement Vax Spares. Fast Delivery. Great Prices

    Get Replacement Vax Spare Parts

    Keeping your flooring clean shouldn’t be hard work, and by keeping your Vax working with our range of Vax parts it needn’t be.

    We have an extensive range of Vax Hose available, including steam cleaner parts, accessories such as Vax carpet washer and accessories for your window vac. Our Vax range also includes Hose for multi-purpose vacuums and Vax hoover parts – helping you keep your appliances working and your home clean.

    Save money by fixing your Vax yourself, and get all our Vax spare parts and accessories at a competitive price and with fast delivery.

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    Vax 10m Hose

    Genuine spare part

    10m hose length High pressure, highly durable & resistant to weather conditions, this hose is perfect if your pressure washer can't quite reach... More information

    In stock

    Express Delivery available


    Vax Pressure Washer Water Extraction Hose

    Genuine spare part

    Normally despatched within 10 working days


    Vax Hose

    Genuine spare part

    Sorry, this product is no longer available.